Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Are you scrolling through Pinterest, looking up hair ideas for your big day? Let me share the 3 key factors that hair and makeup artists look out for in determining if your hair is suitable for the styles you like.

1) Hair Length

Your hair length will greatly determine the styles you can have. Long hair extensions can be used however the right color match needs to be available.

2) Hair Volume

If hair is thin and sparse, there are some restrictions. Hairstyles that pull too tight, emphasizing the hair line, or any bald spots cannot be used. On the day of your hair and makeup trial, your stylist will determine the style that is most suitable, and would incorporate the elements you love, such as braids.

Hair Trial - Loose Side Bun Hairdo

3) Does your hair hold curls well?

If you love the look of cascading big curls on your shoulders, but your hair is not able to hold curls well, it is not recommended to have all your hair styled down totally. Your curls would become loose and revert back quickly to look uncurled. Perhaps a side hairdo would be more suitable.

For me, I determine if hair is able to hold curls well within half an hour after curling the hair. Should your hair continue your hair is springy and curly, styling your hair with curls down your back would be a good choice.

4) What is your hair type?

Another factor to consider is whether your hair is oily or not. Oily hair does not hold curls well. I recommend you washing your hair the night before of styling and do not use conditioner. Why? A drier hair texture holds curls and style well. Oils would make the hair flat and it is harder to style an oilier textured hair.

There are many other factors that your hair & makeup artist will look out for. If you are concerned you should enquire with your makeup artist to learn more about the styles that suit you.

Thanks for reading. Leave me a message in the website chatbox if you have any questions!

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