Updated: Oct 26, 2018

What does it mean? When I first heard this term I was confused.

Top Most - Day Look , Top - Night Look

Charmian for her Wedding Actual Day Makeup and Hairdo on 19 December 2017

We can use Day to Night look not only for weddings, but also in our everyday life when we want to transit from a lighter natural look to a smoky/ glamorous look, that is more suitable in the evening because there is less light in the surrounding. When we use artificial light in the room (especially yellow light), it doesn't look as harsh as having heavier makeup in the day. Hence the term day to night look.

How do we take our existing look from day to night?

1) Touch-up Skin

Assess the skin - take note the areas of the face that requires touch-up. Firstly, I take away excess shine with a tissue, blotting gently at the T-zone, and re-powder the skin.

2) Create eyes to stun

This is fun part. Use smokier shades at the outer corner of the eyes (Black, Dark Brown). Use a obvious lid color depending on the look we are going for. (Bronze/ Silver)

For a fun look, draw on a cat eye, or re-draw the eyeliner to your desired length and thickness, we can get away with a thicker liner for a night look. Throw on lashes too!

3) Contour/Highlight

There's something incredibly attractive about having a defined face especially for the night look. Place the contour shade below the cheekbones, below the jawline, and the side of your temples. For highlight, place it on top of your cheeks.

4) Lips It depends on how far you want to go out of your comfort zone. Red is definitely a head-turner. It is something I would choose for myself when creating a night look.

Charlene Actual Wedding Day Evening Makeup and Hairdo on 14 October 2017

I love the evening look. They look so stunning and glamorous. Usually my makeover requests would be for a natural makeup look. Therefore, I really look forward to have some fun with smokier makeup.

Thanks for reading! Here's me with my own night look!

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