Updated: Dec 7, 2018

We are talking about foundation and concealer in this post. Knowing if you are warm-toned or cool-toned will be extremely helpful to enable you in selecting the correct foundation for your skin tone. Warm-toned is also known as Yellow-based; and Cool-toned is also known as Pink-based.

I am going to share my opinions regarding these 2 tones.


It is not enough when looking for foundations, to simply look for light/medium/dark colors. As a general guide, we should look at our neck to see if there's more tones of yellow or pink when picking out our foundations. Why are we matching our neck color and not our face color you might ask? Because we want our face and neck color to be as seamless as possible. When we think of pink, we should not think of straight up pink color, but a beige-y milky tone. I generalize, usually Chinese Asians would have a yellow based skin tone, and Caucasians would be more pink based.


When buying concealers, we have to take note whether it is a pink-based or a yellow-based. A yellow-based one would be more versatile. It can be used to cover up redness as compared to a pink based one. Therefore it choose yellow-based concealer for spots and imperfections. A pink-based concealer will be great for brightening. Hence, there are many concealers out there that are pink-based for the undereye.

What happens when someone with yellow-based skin tone uses a pink-based foundation?

From my personal experience I usually see people using a Korean pink-based CC foundation cushion on their face when they are yellow-based; The face would look brighter than the neck and shoulder areas. It can give a very pale effect on the face if the pink-based foundation is too light and when the yellow undertones of the skin is very strong.

What happens when someone with pink-based skin tone uses a yellow-based foundation?

It is very bizarre looking. I'm thinking of an oompa loompa from the face up! It is very obvious from afar because the face and neck down will look 2 different tones. The face would be looking yellow, and the neck down looks pink. Take note of the pink ears too.

That's all from me, thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

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